'Timeless' honors history's heroes, deserves future

I'll be the first to admit I watch an obscene amount of television. I keep up with several shows a week and when the summer drought hits, I often find myself rerunning my favorites (Hi, Gilmore Girls. Hi, Friends). I never thought I'd love a show as much as those until a little ol' show by the name of Timeless premiered in Oct. 2016.

Timeless follows history professor Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), Master Sergeant Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter) and programmer Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) in their time-traveling fight to preserve history.

To put it simply, it's everything I didn't know I needed in a TV show.

History. Action. Drama. Romance. Humor. Diversity. 

Not many shows can check all those boxes, let alone do it successfully. And to top it off, it's family-friendly. I've lost count of the number of tweets where parents praised the show for its ability to gather their family and open discussion on important moments in history with their children. 


Every Timeless episode takes you back in time, shining a light on important people and events too often forgotten. It reminds us how far we've come as a society. It encourages us to fight for good, for change and for acceptance.

Lucy teaches us the importance of preserving history and to never give up on the ones you love.

Wyatt teaches us undying loyalty.

Rufus teaches us that everyone can be a hero.

Spencer, Lanter and Barrett were made for these roles. Without them, the time team just wouldn't work. And let's not forget the rest of the crew: the greatness that is Sakina Jaffrey's Agent Christopher, the lovable (we love him, right?) villain Garcia Flynn (Goran Višnjić), the initially hard-to-love Connor Mason (Paterson Joseph) and the quiet bad-a$$ery (is that a word?) of Claudia Doumit's Jiya. 

The casting is only matched by the incredible team of writers. The intricate detail they put in each episode deserves serious recognition. The plot twists! The drama! The one-liners! Each episode flows seamlessly. How they manage to ace so many genres in one hour without feeling rushed is beyond me. On top of that, they're interactive with fans on Twitter. When the fate of the show was in limbo, the social media team shared a deleted scene each day until they ran out and turned to script pages. The community they've created online is pretty remarkable.

But despite the online presence and the show's strong following (Timeless fans are known as 'Clockblockers'), its Nielsen ratings were less than spectacular. NBC canceled the show after season 1, but after the outcry from fans, the show was resurrected 3 days later. Season 2 premiered this past spring, with 10 all-new episodes. In mid-May, the network began to share the fate of many of its shows, but made no mention of Timeless. For more than a month, fans pounded NBC with tweets to #RenewTimeless.


Celebrities even joined in, rooting for the show's future.


And then the news came. On June 22, it was official: NBC had canceled Timeless yet again.

While there are talks of a potential 2-hour movie to give fans closure, many fans would rather find a permanent home for the series (hi, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube). 


The show has introduced numerous historical icons already — just think of the stories yet to be uncovered. It's imprinted on the hearts of viewers everywhere; I can only imagine what more good it could do if given the opportunity.

Timeless keeps me on my toes, makes me think, blows my mind, melts my brain, warms my soul, makes me laugh, shatters my heart and makes it whole ... all at the same time.

We need more shows like Timeless on TV. 

We need the stories of these real-life heroes to be shared.

We need to feel like we belong.

We need Timeless.

Seasons 1 and 2 are currently streaming on Hulu.

*** This is not a sponsored post, I'm just a big fan. ***