This Week In Music, volume 1

This week's playlist includes the newest releases from Wet, Noah Kahan and hits off of country duo Dan + Shay's latest album.

This week's playlist includes the newest releases from Wet, Noah Kahan and hits off of country duo Dan + Shay's latest album.

A mixed CD is hands-down one of my favorite gifts ever ever ever. I miss the '90s and early '00s when I'd get a blank cassette tape, put it in my boombox and wait for my favorite song to play on the radio so I could record it. And then when CDs came out, burning songs on those and making mixed CDs for friends. They're like those goodie bags you'd get from Sanrio (omg remember Sanrio?!) where you'd buy a blue bag with who-knows-what inside and be surprised when you opened it. Mixed CDs are basically the same thing. Who's going to be on this CD? Is it one of my favorite artists? A new band? Will I find my new summer anthem? I miss those days. *insert crying emoji and Lisa Frank sticker here*

I want to bring that mixed CD-feeling back but since I can't send you all a shiny disc each week, hopefully a scratch-resistant playlist will suffice. 

This Week In Music will be a weekly feature that I hope you love as much as I do. Every Monday, I'll publish a new post and playlist with the latest and greatest releases you need to hear along with what I'm listening to that week. I'm a fan of most genres, but tend to lean toward indie, country and pop. Regardless, if I think it'll make your ears happy, I'll share it here. Anything in particular you want to hear or have any recommendations? Comment below! Also, I'll be using the same playlist each week and reloading it with fresh tunes to avoid a million "this week in music" playlists.

Here's what's playing on my earbuds this week:

1. Come Down — Noah Kahan

I've come to the conclusion that everything ever sung by Noah Kahan is perfection. The past few weeks, I've been blasting "Young Blood" and "Hurt Somebody" and wishing I'd stumbled upon the 21-year-old sooner. His latest single adds to his collection of laid back tunes while shedding a light on a more serious topic. In "Come Down," Noah sings:

And I know it feels like it never ends
And I know the fear that you're up against
And I know that you're so afraid
And it's getting late, but I'll stay 'til you come down

 If you like Ed Sheeran, I guarantee you'll enjoy the folk-pop sounds of Noah Kahan. I give this (and all his other songs) two thumbs up.

2. Superlove (feat. Oh Wonder) — Whethan, Oh Wonder

I want to blast this song down the freeway with the windows down. Preferably while in the passenger's seat so I can dance. I never heard of Whethan until this jingle showed up in my Spotify Release Radar, but I'm definitely glad it did. It's funky, it's danceable and it features Oh Wonder ... no wonder I love it. (Sorry, had to go for that pun).

3. You're Not Wrong —  Wet

The indie-popper's latest single sounds like a whole new group but in the words of Cardi B, I like it. (That's right. I just dropped a Cardi B reference. Also, that song is stupidly catchy. Ok back to Wet). Former Vampire Weekend member Rostam Batmanglij jumped onboard to produce the band's latest hit. I love the energy and funk of "You're Not Wrong." Though I'm a fan of their usual sound, I wouldn't mind hearing more of this. Their upcoming LP, Still Run, drops July 13.

4. Gold Rush — Death Cab for Cutie

They're back, they're back, they're back! Death Cab always brings me back to junior high and "Gold Rush" does no different while also sounding fresh and current. The lyrics are pretty relatable, too, if I do say so myself. The video features frontman Ben Gibbard walking down a city street, watching the evolution of time via passersby. The band's upcoming album, Thank You for Today, drops August 17. If it sounds anything like "Gold Rush," August can't come soon enough.

5. Speechless — Dan + Shay

Just give them the Grammy already. I mean it. This is a country duo if I've ever heard one. Their self-titled album made its debut this past week and I can personally guarantee that every song is a gem. So much so that I'm giving them two songs on this week's playlist. Their vocals are pure honey and I want to sway to this song forever.

6. Alone Together — Dan + Shay

Brb, dancing in my kitchen and singing in my hair brush. Had a really hard time deciding between this and "All To Myself," so give that a listen, too. 

7. Duo — Ben Rector

Yeah, so, Ben Rector is getting double the love on this week's playlist, too. I mean, c'mon, it's Ben! His latest album, Magic, sounds like happiness and sunshine and pure joy. Plus, I love the name dropping in "Duo" and the catchy wooOooOooOooah-ing. Who else could reference Friends, Full House, The Beatles and Kanye all in the same song? Ben Rector, that's who.

8. Sometimes — Ben Rector

This was instantly one of my favorites from Magic. If "You and Me" and "Autumn" were thrown into a blender, you'd get "Sometimes." Album after album, Ben's sound doesn't change and for that, I'm thankful. In "Sometimes," he gives us a piano-filled tune that tugs at your heartstrings with 'what ifs.' Give it a listen.

9. Red Lights — Lydia (feat. Lauren Ruth Ward)

Labelmate Lauren Ruth Ward joins the indie rock trio for its latest single, "Red Lights." Maybe it's just me, but I think this band deserves more recognition than it gets. Hopefully its next album gives 'em a bigger spotlight. The band's upcoming album, Liquor, is set for release July 13.

10. I Like You — Olive James (feat. Olivia Rudeen)

This sounds like the perfect song to play in the background of a wedding or road trip video ... am I right or am I right? It's cute, fun and finger-snappin' good. It's summer and sugary lemonade and sunflower happiness. Also getting some Us The Duo vibes, no?

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