The 15 most underrated Coldplay songs


When I was growing up, I listened to a lot of '90s country, pop radio and, like most young girls, NSYNC (Heeeeey, JC!). When I got to junior high, I jumped on the pop-punk bandwagon and tuned my ears to bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco and Weezer (mmmm the good ol' days). But when I got to high school ... my entire (musical) world changed. The birds chirped, the flowers bloomed and it was alllllll yelllooooow.

The year was 2008.

I was in ninth grade, sitting next to a friend of mine in Chemistry. 

"Have you heard the new Coldplay song?" he asked, referring to their latest radio hit, "Viva La Vida."

At the time, I hadn't.

Sure, I'd heard of the band before. I knew their hit songs, "Yellow," "Fix You," and the piano-laced "Clocks." I sung casual duets with frontman Chris Martin on the radio (we harmonize well, if I do say so myself). But I never bothered to dive into their discography before that day. So sure, I listened to the British band on occasion, but I never truly heard them before. 

When it comes to Coldplay, I think you either love them or hate them. Lucky for you, they quickly became my favorite band on the planet. Note to my future husband: I'm sorry, but I'm 90 percent sure our wedding song is going to be by Coldplay.

We all know their classics — the melancholic, "The Scientist," the sentimental crowd-pleaser, "Fix You" and the string-filled "Viva La Vida" ... but have you explored the depths of Coldplay's musical catalog? Have you opened your eyes (or ears) to their B-sides? Have you LIVED?! No, my friend. No, you have not. At least, not if you haven't appreciated all of these too forgotten Coldplay gems.

Without further adieu, here are Coldplay's 15 most underrated songs (or so I think).

1. Til Kingdom Come

Featured on: X&Y
Year: 2005
Best lyric: For you I'd wait 'til kingdom come / Until my day, my day is done

This is one of the most romantic songs I've ever heard and it makes my eyes all teary just thinking about it. Martin pours out his heart in "Til Kingdom Come," declaring his unconditional love for someone (I mean, ahem, I don't know about you, but it sounds like he's singing to me when I hear it ... ) and willingness to wait for them until THE.END.OF.TIME. Brb, I need a minute.

OK, I'm back. The song is a hidden track on the band's third album, X&Y. In fact, the song was intended for country legend Johnny Cash and Martin to sing together, but Cash died before they were able to record. Below, the band plays "Til Kingdom Come" and ends with Cash's hit, "Ring of Fire."

2. See You Soon

Featured on: The Blue Room (EP)
Year: 1999
Best lyric: In a telescope lens when all you want is friends / I'll see you soon

Since "See You Soon" wasn't featured on one of their main albums, I missed its existence entirely and for that, I can never forgive myself. It's definitely one of my top five slash six slash heck, I don't know if I can narrow down my favorite Coldplay songs, but you get my point. Though many of the band's lyrics are left up for interpretation, it seems as though the song is about regret, feelings of mistrust and hopes of reconciliation. In any case, it's Coldplay at its best. Also, check out the live version they released in 2003. Wow.

3. Miracles

Featured on: Unbroken (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Year: 2014
Best lyric: And sometimes in your eyes / I see the beauty of the world

***not to be confused with the band's song, "Miracles (Someone Special)"***

Coldplay wrote "Miracles" for the 2014 drama film, Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie. -IT IS GOLD. PURE GOLD. It's uplifting, hopeful and I cry almost every time I hear it — it's that good.

4. Gravity

Featured on: Talk
Year: 2005
Best lyric: And then I looked up at the sun / And I could see / Oh the way that gravity pulls on you and me

Though the band initially gave "Gravity" to English rock band Embrace for its 2004 album Out of Nothing, Coldplay released its version a year later. Both are great, but Coldplay's won me over (obviously).

5. Ink

Featured on: Ghost Stories
Year: 2014
Best lyric: All I know is that I love you so / So much that it hurts

When Ghost Stories dropped, I was surprised by the overwhelming gloom that rung throughout the album. As I've grown older, I've grown to LOVE it (maybe I'm just getting more depressed with age?) Since the album's release, "Ink" has been one of my notable favorites. While it doesn't have the dance club vibe of "A Sky Full Of Stars," it's a nice change to the overall somber state of Ghost Stories.

6. Sleeping Sun

Featured on: Talk
Year: 2005
Best lyric: You've got your secrets, I've only got a sleeping sun

UNDERRATED BEYOND EXTREME. I love the musical progression, the do-do-do-dooooos, the everything. Though "Sleeping Sun" made its debut during the X&Y era, it's more upbeat and carefree than you'd expect. 

7. Glass of Water

Featured on: Prospekt's March (EP)
Year: 2008
Best lyric: Spend your whole life living in the past / Going nowhere fast

The same year Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends dropped, the band released the Prospekt's March EP — a collection of songs recorded for Viva that didn't make the cut. "Glass Of Water" was one of the leftover tracks from those sessions that landed on the EP. It boasts great lyrics with a powerful and heavy chorus. Looking at the glass half full (*ba dum tssss*), I'm so glad the foursome decided to release Prospekt's March. The entire EP is a beautiful extension of Viva ... or as I like to call it, *Kanye voice* THE GREATEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME.

8. Rainy Day

Featured on: Prospekt's March (EP)
Year: 2008
Best lyric: Oh, rainy day, come round / Sometimes I just want it to slow down

This little number feels like 5 songs in one. The strings, the guitar, the weaving of beats and instruments. I don't think we'd heard anything like "Rainy Day" from the band until its release, but like "Glass Of Water," it fits into the Viva era so seamlessly.

9. Don't Let It Break Your Heart

Featured on: Mylo Xyloto
Year: 2011
Best lyric: Even in your rains and shadows / Still we're never going to part

The release of Mylo Xyloto was a defining moment for Coldplay. Their sound evolved into an EDM and synth-heavy concoction overnight. When I first heard the album, I remember thinking "huh, this is different." Two seconds later, I was jumping on my bed, blaring the album on my headphones. Or something to that effect. "Don't Let It Break Your Heart" keeps up with club beats "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall" and "Charlie Brown," but starts with a bang — literally. It sounds like the song begins before we even press play — it just swoops you in and instantly puts you in a better mood.

10. O

Featured on: Ghost Stories
Year: 2014
Best lyric: So fly on / Ride through / Maybe one day I'll fly next to you
(although, technically this lyric is part of the hidden track, "Fly On," in the beginning half of "O")

I get chills every time I hear this song. It's tragically beautiful and the piano work is beyond stunning. Those keys are the heartbeat of the song, matched only by the lyrical imagery. And in my opinion, it's one of Martin's best vocals. The first half of the tune is a hidden track called "Fly On," while the latter half, "O," is more ambient and features an angel choir that starts off the album's opener, "Always In My Head." Fun fact: Martin's daughter, Apple, and her friend, Mabel, have some featured vocals in "O," while the Target deluxe edition of the album features vocals from Martin's son, Moses. And in case you hadn't heard, figure skater Adam Rippon skated to "O" in the 2018 Winter Olympics. Beautiful song, beautiful skating.

Watch Coldplay frontman Chris Martin perform "O" for SiriusXM below:

11. Green Eyes

Featured on: A Rush Of Blood To The Head
Year: 2002
Best lyric: Honey, you are the sea / Upon which I float

While many of Coldplay's songs are about love, the lyrics in this one particularly stand out. In "Green Eyes," Martin sings of a woman he just can't live without.

12. Death and All His Friends

Featured on: Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends
Year: 2008
Best lyric: No I don't want to battle from beginning to end / I don't want a cycle of recycled revenge

Coldplay's "Death And All His Friends" focuses on holding onto hope and letting go of pain. The tune starts on piano but a quarter of the way through, the guitar and drums kick in, elevating the beat and transitioning to (spoiler alert) a secret song called "The Escapist." In fact, 40 seconds of "The Escapist" is what starts off the album's opener, "Life In Technicolor." Go listen to this song and then "Life in Technicolor" immediately after. *mind explodes*

13. Birds

Featured on: A Head Full Of Dreams
Year: 2015
Best lyric: Only got this moment / You and me / Guilty of nothing / But geography

The minute "Birds" starts, I'm full-on air drumming. It almost feels like the old Coldplay we know and love, which is a nice change to the psychedelic adventure of A Head Full Of Dreams. Also, the song's music video is their latest album at its core — colorful, funky and completely hypnotic.

14. Now My Feet Won't Touch The Ground

Featured on: Prospekt's March (EP)
Year: 2008
Best lyric: You wait a lifetime to be found / Now my feet won't touch the ground

Many Coldplay songs mention 'feet not touching the ground' ("Strawberry Swing," "Life in Technicolor ii"), and clearly, this one is no different. The song has a similarity to "Til Kingdom Come" but feels more soothing overall.-

15. A Message

Featured on: X&Y
Year: 2005
Best lyric: And I'm on fire for you, clearly / You don't have to be alone / You don't have to be on your own

Undoubtedly overlooked, "A Message" was inspired by a hymn called "My Song Is Love Unknown" (hence some of the lyrics). In 2005, Martin told The Guardian that he wrote the song at two in the morning one night and in his words, *wait for it* " ... it was the first song (he'd) ever written without any clothes on. Makes it freer." You're welcome for that.