Hey hi hello!

I feel like I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to start a blog (and maybe one day a digital and print magazine ... stay tuned), but years later, I’ve finally come to realize that there may never be the perfect time. So here I am, taking a leap of faith, ready to word vomit all over this corner of the internet.

I’ll share what I’m reading, watching and listening to. Things I’m trying, things I’m failing at. Basically anything and everything but not everything everything because hello, privacy. ;)

Photo by Maggie Kaiserman

Photo by Maggie Kaiserman

I always imagined I’d focus on lifestyle in a broad sense, the idea of slowing down and enjoying the little moments in life. In addition to that, I also want to include my personal thoughts on life and things that make me smile. I want this space to feel like a breath of fresh air — like driving down the freeway with the windows down, listening to your favorite song. I want it to be like the first sip of coffee in the morning. Like the sweet, dulcet sound of Novo Amor’s voice ... and also like the feeling of getting home and taking your pants off after a long day (no? just me?). But mostly, I just want it to be a light when life seems hazy and grey.

Welcome to The Light Of Grey.

I'm super stoked and totally ecstatic and pukingly nervous and happy to have ya.


I'm Kassi, a twenty-something-year-old from the good ol’ state of California. I grew up in Northern California, went to college on the Central Coast, lived in Southern California for a few years and finally found my way back home this year.

I love Coldplay and avocados and donuts and rom coms and indie music and rain and bagels and winter and Star Wars and coffee and road trips and horchata and mixed CDs and Titanic and Scrabble and mint chip ice cream and Gilmore Girls and Friends and country music and cheesecake and Trader Joe’s and the ’90s and *NSYNC and dancing in my kitchen and Ryan Gosling and NASCAR and lazy days at home and most importantly, Jesus ... also, the occasional ramble. :)